Time and Change: The Yale Glee Club Goes Co-Ed

When the first undergraduate women arrived at Yale in 1969, the Glee Club’s transition from all-male to mixed-voice ensemble was not a foregone conclusion. Thanks to the perseverance of those women, the enterprising student managers of the Glee Club’s 1970 European tour, and the dedication of Glee Club director Fenno Heath, by the next academic year, the Glee Club had definitively “gone co-ed.”  

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of co-ed undergraduate singing, the Yale Glee Club Associates commissioned Time and Change, a three-part podcast produced by Naomi Lewin ‘74, about the transformation of the Glee Club and the University. The story is told by two dozen of the people who lived it – and by music from eight decades of Glee Club recordings. Listen here