Yale Glee Club


YGC associates

Who Are We?

The Yale Glee Club Associates (YGCA) are alumni of the Yale Glee Club. For more details, see our updated Articles of Association. Our objectives are the following:

  • to provide an organized group of former members of the Yale Glee Club interested in preserving the tradition of student singing at Yale;
  • to help the Yale Glee Club continue its contributions to music, to the University and its alumni, to the nation, and to understanding and friendship between peoples through its concerts and tours;
  • to provide a means through which the members and others may financially support the achievement of these ends;
  • to provide a nucleus of interested alumni with whom the officers of the University and of the Glee Club may consult on matters relating to undergraduate singing and who in turn may consult with other choral groups and the University in support of singing at Yale;
  • to offer counsel and support to, and serve as a resource for, the Director of the Yale Glee Club and its officers on matters relating to its financial welfare and governance;
  • to keep its members informed about the activities and accomplishments of the Yale Glee Club; and
  • to afford suitable opportunities for its membership to meet in song.

YGCA Board of Directors


President: Martin Brennan ‘87
Vice President: Remie Christ ‘91
Secretary: Mark Curchack ’69
Treasurer: R. Scott Woods ‘06


Kathleen Brauer ’90

Et-tsu Chen ‘84     

Amy Dunagin ’07

Jody Goodman ‘80

Sarah Heath ‘73

Cliff Hendler ’74

Carl Kaestle ‘62

Daniel Kim ‘99

Avi Kogan ’97

Vijay Ramachandran PhD ‘05

Michael Smith MUS ‘05

Terry Benson ‘69

Rachel Wilf ‘12

R. Scott Woods ‘06

Carol Yeh ’93   

Ex-Officio Members

David Connell DMA ‘91 (Former Director)
Mark Dollhopf ‘77 (President 2001-2003)
Jeffrey Douma (Current Director)
Rita Helfand ‘83 (President 2003 - 2006)
Marv Berenblum ‘56 (President 2006-09)
Clayton Kaufman ‘84 (President 2009-2014)
Charles Kaufmann ‘66 (President 1974-1977)
Linus Travers ‘58 (Honorary)
Kyle Pruett ’65 (President 1985-1989)
Peter Sipple ’62 (President 1995-2001)
Ken Wood ‘50 (President 1989-1995
Jere Johnston ‘63 (YAC President)
Sean Maher (YGC Business Manager)  



Founded 1937 by Prescott Bush ‘17

1937 – 1957 Frederic Carter ’19
1957 – 1962 Dudley Miller ’43
1962 – 1970 W. Gray Mattern Jr. ’46
1970 – 1974 Gerard S. Swords ’38
1974 – 1977 Charles Kaufmann III ’66
1977 – 1980 Conner M. Fay ’51
1980 – 1985 Richard Kimball, Jr. ’52
1985 – 1989 Kyle Pruett ’65
1989 – 1995 Kenneth Wood Jr. ’50
1995 – 2001 Peter Sipple ’62
2001 – 2003 Mark Dollhopf ’77
2003 – 2006 Rita Helfand ’83
2006 -  2009 Marvin Berenblum ‘56
2009 -  2014 Clayton Kaufman ‘84
2014 -  Present Marty Brennan ‘87

YGCA’s Recent Activities

Some of our recent activities, in addition to providing general counsel and support to the YGC and its director, include support of the following specific events and projects:

  • Outreach activities (together with YACF)
  • Weekend choral workshops in Washington DC and Boston
  • Semi-annual newsletter Fol-de-Rol
  • Annual fundraising for YGC
  • Annual Singing Dinner with YGC
  • Collaborate with the Yale Alumni Chorus on alumni singing opportunities
  • Refurbishment project
  • YGC’s domestic and international tours
  • Plans for choral series and choral competition


What is the difference between the Yale Alumni Chorus Foundation (YACF) and the Yale Glee Club Associates?

While there is a great degree of overlap, in general the YGCA is primarily focused on supporting the undergraduate YGC and the YGC Director, while the YACF is primarily focused upon activities for alumni interested in choral music. That said, the two organizations remain closely linked (most YACF members are also members of the YGCA) and collaborate on many activities. For more information on the YACF (including membership information), please visit the YAC website.