About Us

The Yale Glee Club is Yale’s principal undergraduate mixed choir and oldest musical organization, currently in its 159th season.

In recent seasons, the Glee Club has won rave reviews in the national press, from The New York Times (“one of the best collegiate singing ensembles, and one of the most adventurous…an exciting, beautifully sung concert at Carnegie Hall”) to The Washington Post (“Under the direction of Jeffrey Douma, the sopranos - indeed, all the voices - sang as one voice, with flawless intonation…their treacherous semitones and contrapuntal subtleties became otherwordly, transcendent even”).  Learn more.


When the first undergraduate women arrived at Yale in 1969, the Glee Club’s transition from all-male to mixed-voice ensemble was not a foregone conclusion. Thanks to the perseverance of those women, the enterprising student managers of the Glee Club’s 1970 European tour, and the dedication of Glee Club director Fenno Heath, by the next academic year, the Glee Club had definitively “gone co-ed.”