About Us

The Yale Glee Club is Yale’s principal undergraduate mixed choir and oldest musical organization, currently in its 160th season.

Our plans for Fall 2020: Like choirs throughout the world, we will not be able to do many of the things we normally do this coming fall, but we are committed to maintaining the Glee Club as a vibrant community for Yale students who love to sing by making music together however we can, learning, serving our community, and cultivating connections with each other.

Although many things about Fall 2020 will be different, we will still be auditioning and welcoming new members, and we encourage students who love to sing to secure their spot in our ensemble now. Please visit our Auditions page for more information about how to join!

In recent seasons, the Glee Club has won rave reviews in the national press, from The New York Times (“one of the best collegiate singing ensembles, and one of the most adventurous…an exciting, beautifully sung concert at Carnegie Hall”) to The Washington Post (“Under the direction of Jeffrey Douma, the sopranos - indeed, all the voices - sang as one voice, with flawless intonation…their treacherous semitones and contrapuntal subtleties became otherwordly, transcendent even”).  Learn more.


YGC Office Hours for New Members

Thursday, Sep. 3, 2020, 5:00pm

Current YGC members will be hosting informal “office hours” to answer any and all questions about YGC and Yale! Drop in to ask some questions or just to get to know some YGCers!