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1. Ye Shall Have a Song - Concert Highlights 2010-11

CD 1 1. Ye Shall Have a Song (from The Peaceable Kingdom) (5:00) - Randall Thompson 2. O quam gloriosum (2:48) – Tomás Luis de Victoria 3. Musica Dei donum optimi (3:25) – Orlande de Lassus 4. Abendlied (3:10) – Josef Rheinberger 5. Weep You No More (4:10) – Michael Gilbertson Winner, 2009 Yale Glee Club Emerging Composers Competition 6. into the strenuous briefness (2:36) – Ryan Harper ’10 - Composed for the 2009–2010 Yale Glee Club 7. Nemo Te Condemnavit (5:30) – James Macmillan Max Blum MUS ’11, conductor Composed for the 2005–2006 Yale Glee Club 8. On My Dreams (2:35) – Jocelyn Hagen Arianne Abela MUS ’10, conductor; Justin Jee ’10, piano 9. Zephyr Rounds (5:30) – Robert Vuichard Erika Lantz, Emily Howell, Monica Qiu, Katie Dryden–soloists - Winner, 2007 Emerging Composers Competition 10. City Song (2:00) – Elizabeth Alexander, poet and reader - Commissioned for the 150th Anniversary of the Yale Glee Club 11. City Song (6:50) – Lewis Spratlan ’62, Mus ’65 Raymond Nagem ’09, organ; Justin Jee ’10, piano Composed for the 150th Yale Glee Club and 150th Anniversary Reunion Chorus 12. My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord (3:00) Traditional spiritual, arr. Moses Hogan 13. McKay (from An American Thanksgiving) (3:20) S.M. Denton, arr. Carol Barnett 14 . Raise Your Voices Here (2:40) – Jeffrey Douma - Composed for the 150th Yale Glee Club

CD 2 Partition – Ted Hearne With Yale Symphony Orchestra - For the Yale Glee Club on the occasion of their 150th anniversary Jeffrey Douma, conductor 1. I. partition 2. II. proximity 3. III. music 4. IV. unsettlement 5. V. (not so) Dona Nobis Pacem – Ralph Vaughan Williams With the Yale Symphony Orchestra Mireille Asselin, soprano, Lóránt Neubauer, baritone - Jeffrey Douma, conductor 6. I. Agnus Dei 7. II. Beat! beat! drums! 8. III. Reconciliation 9. IV. Dirge for Two Veterans 10 . V. The Angel of Death 11. VI. O man greatly beloved

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2. Ye Shall Have A Song! - Harvard, Michigan & Yale Glee Clubs

“Ye Shall Have a Song” CD highlights the historic concert combining the nation’s three oldest collegiate choirs: Harvard, Michigan, and Yale Glee Clubs. Price includes the cost of shipping. Eugene Rogers (Michigan), Andrew Clark (Harvard), and Jeffrey Douma (Yale), Conductors

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3. 2008-09 Concert Highlights

1. Ave maris stella Edvard Grieg 2. God is gone up Gerald Finzi 3. Bogorodistsye Dyevo Arvo Pärt 4-5. Two Shakespearean Poems Ned Rorem - Dirge - Live With Me 6. Amanecer Cristian Grases 7. Through Eden Bram Wayman ’09 8. Long Time Trav’ling Abbie Betinis 9. All the Pretty Little Horses arr. Jeffrey Douma 10. Annie Laurie arr. Alice Parker & Robert Shaw 11. Meguru 12. Bawo Thixo Somandla arr. Mzilikazi Khumalo 13. Nänie Johannes Brahms 14. Verlieh uns Frieden Felix Mendelssohn 15-19 Carmina Burana Carl Orff Veni, Veni, Venias Tempus Est Iocundum Dulcissime Ave Formosissima O Fortuna

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4. Welcome the Time

1 Ave verum corpus, K. 618 - With the Yale Philharmonia, conducted by Sir Neville Marriner 2 O salutaris hostia 3 The Dark Hills 4 Red River Valley 5 Done Made My Vow 6 Over Yonder 7 Little Innocent Lamb Wind Songs (Winner, 2006 Yale Glee Club Emerging Composers Competition) 8 The Easterly Wind 9 The Northerly Wind 10 The Southerly Wind 11 The Westerly Wind 12 Nemo te Condemnavit (Composed for the 2005-2006 Yale Glee Club) Regina coeli, K. 108 (Mozart) - With the Yale Philharmonia, conducted by Sir Neville Marriner 13 Allegro 14 Tempo moderato 15 Allegro Fauré Requiem, Op. 48 - With The Yale Symphony Orchestra 16 Offertory 17 Agnus Dei 18 Libera me 19 In paradisum

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5. 150th Anniversary Reunion Concert

2 CD set - Full recording of the 150th Anniversary Reunion Concert - Recorded live at Woolsey Hall at Yale University February 12, 2011


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1. Louder Yet the Chorus Raise

Written and researched by Glee Club alumnus Timothy J. DeWerff (Yale ’92), Louder Yet the Chorus Raise is lavishly produced, and the book includes 2 CDs of performances from throughout the group’s history.

Image for 150th anniversary songbook blue text and blocks against a white background 2. 150th Anniversary Yale songbook

Published to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Yale Glee Club, this new, spiral bound, songbook contains the old favorites, plus some new Fenno Heath award winning Yale songs!


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RAISING VOICES-A Documentary Film

Now available on DVD - RAISING VOICES-A Documentary Film. The Yale Glee Club has been blazing a musical trail for over one hundred and fifty years. From the earliest days on campus as a group of 6 ambitious classmates, to a choir of 70 mixed voices, the Yale Glee Club spreads a message of friendship and opportunity that speaks to people of all races, genders, and backgrounds as it moves through the decades and centuries. As America evolved so did the Glee Club. Founded just as the Civil War began, a young Yale Glee Club traveled the Northeast singing songs of the college experience. The American railroad opened up access to the south and west expanding the Glee Club’s travels to the finest theaters of the country. As the club’s musical repertoire expanded, the Yale Glee Club would begin singing across Europe. Through 2 World Wars, Nazi Germany, and behind the Iron Curtain the Yale Glee Club would learn of the power of music to bring people of different cultures together. In 1941 the Glee Club would set sail for South America and inspire the creation of the first university choir in Argentina’s history, forever changing the choral landscape of the country. In the early 70’s the greatest challenge to the Yale Glee Club would come from within as Yale University became co-educational. The Glee club would become a group comprised of both men and women, challenging its long standing traditions, it students, and alums while creating opportunities to embrace the finest classical works. From the great theaters of the world, to the Ed Sullivan Show and into the favelas of Brazil, this is a story of a group of volunteer students and the seven inspiring directors who take a journey raising voices across America and around the world.