World Premieres

2023-24 Season

Hark! the Bark of Dear Old Dan, John Raskopf ‘27, 2023 Fenno Heath Award Winner

The Increasing Light, Jeffrey Douma, Composed for the 163rd Yale Glee Club

Lingua Tonga, Shruthi RajasekarCommissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Ten piedad de nosotros, Ismael Huerta Marin, 2023 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

2022-23 Season

Archive Alive, Ayanna Woods 15, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Despertar, Karen Siegel 02, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club, West Village Chorale, Peninsula Women’s Chorus, and Consonare Choral Community

A Prayer for Deliverance, Joel Thompson DMA‘26, Live premiere with Kaleidoscope Vocal Ensemble and Morse Chorale

to be one with each other, Corinne Klein, 2022 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Words for Departure, Hilary Purrington MM‘17, East coast premiere with Yale Symphony Orchestra

2021-22 Season

Because You Sang, Arianne Abela MM’10 and Ruthie Prilliman ‘16, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Glimpse Elation (Anthems of a Crowd), Derrick Skye, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club for Project XIV

A Heart in Port, Shruthi Rajasekar, Full premiere

Letter from Abigail, Julia Wolfe, Commissioned for the retirement of Prof. Marguerite Brooks, with Yale Camerata

Meditation, Joel Thompson DMA‘26, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club for Project XIV

Now We Can Begin - Arianne Abela MM‘10 and Ruthie Prilliman ‘16, Commissioned by Yale Glee Club and Classical Movements, Inc.

Ode to Passersby, Ayanna Woods ‘15, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club for Project XIV

Paradise, Angelica Negron, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Psalm 86, Udi Perlman DMA‘26, Commisioned by the Yale Glee Club Chamber Singers

Though the great Waters sleep, Isaac Lovdahl, 2021 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

2020-21 Season

A Prayer for Deliverance, Joel Thompson DMA‘26, Virtual premiere, Composed for the Yale Glee Club, Morse Chorale, and Kaleidoscope Vocal Ensemble

Songs of Home, Tim Keeler, Virtual premiere, Commissioned by the Yale, Havard, and Princeton Glee Clubs

2019-20 Season

Chart a Course, Corin Katzke ‘22, 2019 Fenno Heath Award Winner

Dona nobis pacem, Keane Southard, 2019 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Listening, Jeffrey Douma, Virtual premiere, Composed for the Yale Glee Club Class of 2020

2018-19 Season

Beyond the daily mist of our minds, Hilary Purrington MM‘17 Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Music in Common Time, Caroline Shaw, Premiere of full orchestral version, performed with Yale Symphony

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, Jocelyn Hagen, East coast premiere

Three Hundred Years, Shaun Radgowski ‘20, 2018 Fenno Heath Award Winner

To Be Free, Karen Siegel ‘02, 2018 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

2017-18 Season

Yale Forever Lives, Charlie Romano ‘19, 2017 Fenno Heath Award Winner

Parable of Choices, Julian David Bryson, 2017 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Verde embeleso de la vida humana, Rodrigo Cadet, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

2016-17 Season

Halala Africa, Bongani Magatyana, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

She Walks in BeautyĒriks Ešenvalds, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Testimony I: Ann Wood, Jane Sheldon, 2016 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Yale is November, Timothy Lind ’18, 2016 Fenno Heath Award Winner

2015-16 Season

Ah! Sunflower, Martin Sedek, 2015 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Softly Falls the Silver Rain, Kathleen Allan,  MM’14, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Where Yale Resides, Dan Rubins ’16, 2015 Fenno Heath Award Winner

2014-15 Season

Telegram, Jennifer Higdon, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

A Valentine for Hands, Dale Trumbore, 2014 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

The World Meets Here, Scarlett Tong Zuo, 2014 Fenno Heath Award Winner

2013-14 Season

Love (After Rouchfoucauld), Conrad Winslow, 2013 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Lux, Timothy Laciano, 2013 Fenno Heath Award Winner

Who is Wise?, Jeffrey Douma, Composed for the Inauguration of Prof. Peter Salovey as the 23rd President of Yale University

The Wild Swans at Coole, Theodore Morrison, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

2012-2013 Season

Home, Stephen Feigenbaum, Commissioned by theYale Glee Club

Letter, Dan Schlosberg, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club and Yale China Association

A New Haven Psalter, Ingram Marshall, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club and Yale Concert Band

Ode to Purcell, Dominick DiOrio, 2012 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

The Open Road, Leah Latterner, 2012 Fenno Heath Award Winner

A Porter’s Song, Bright Sheng, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Reveries, Kathryn Alexander, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

2011-2012 Season

Carry the Spark, Kala Pierson, 2011 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Exsultate Deo, Joseph Gregorio, 2010 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Yale Blue, Abigail Droge, 2011 Fenno Heath Award Winner

2010-2011 Season

City Song, Lewis Spratlan, Composed for the 150th Yale Glee Club and 150th Anniversary Alumni Chorus

Partition, Ted Hearne, Composed for the 150th Yale Glee Club and the Yale Symphony Orchestra

Raise Your Voices Here, Jeffrey Douma, Composed for the 150th Yale Glee Club

To Yale Alone, Stephen Feigenbaum, Winner, 2010 Fenno Heath Award

2009-2010 Season

into the strenuous briefness, Ryan Harper, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Symphony of Meditations, Aaron Jay Kernis, East coast premiere

Voices, Eric Banks ‘90, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Weep You No More, Michael Gilbertson, 2009 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

2008-2009 Season

Amanecer, Cristian Grases, 2008 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Through Eden, Bram Wayman ‘09, 2008 Fenno Heath Award Winner

Two Shakespeare Poems, Ned Rorem, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

2007-2008 Season

Zephyr Rounds, Robert Vuichard, 2007 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

Dona Nobis Pacem, Jan Sandström, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Lux et Veritas, Lee Case Klippel ‘09, 2007 Fenno Heath Award Winner

2006-2007 Season

The Dark Hills, Jenni Brandon

Though We Are Naught, Andrew Ly ‘07, 2006 Fenno Heath Award Winner

Wind Songs, Caroline Mallonee, 2006 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

2005-2006 Season

Laus Trinitati, Jocelyn Hagen, 2006 Emerging Composers Competition Winner

A Modern Toast to Yale, Zachary Sandler ‘08, 2005 Fenno Heath Award Winner

Nemo Te Condemnavit, James MacMillan, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

2004-2005 Season

Dover Beach Revisited, Dominick Argento, Commissioned by the Yale Glee Club

Song of Songs, Lee Hoiby, Commissioned by the Yale Institute for Sacred Music