Officers Corps

2019 - 20 Officers

Assistant Conductor - Daniel Tucker

Student Conductors:  Brooke Milosh and Emery Kerekes

President: Sofia Laguarda

Manager: Mahima Kumara

Spring Tour Managers: Raquel Sequiera & Angela Gong 

Winter Tour Managers: Sungmi Johnson & Brooke Milosh 

Alumni Coordinators: Jack McCauliffe and Ryan Howzell

Archivists: Mehana Daftary and Aria Falcone

CEOs: Charlotte Winkler and Sarah Grube

Publicity Chairs: Sophie Latham and Brendan

Stage Managers: Alex Whittington and Ella Henry

Social Chairs: Angela and Jonathan Jalbert

Wardrobe : Divine Uchegbu

Web Managers: Lara Schull and Annli Nakayama